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Drum machine software for producing realistic sounding drum tracks.


DrumThrash is a standalone drum machine software for PC that lets you create realistic sounding drum tracks. Easily compose full length drum arrangements for any style rock, jazz, metal, funk, country, hip-hop, etc... Many advanced options while still providing a simple layout. Create backing tracks to jam along with on your guitar, use it as a metronome to keep yourself in time, or use it in live performances.

DrumThrash 2.0 now supports changing time signatures for any measure.

New audition feature. Audition "Listen to" midi files and DrumThrash pattern files before loading them.

Export patterns to Wav, mp3 and Ogg Vorbis.

Add effects to your tracks. DrumThrash supports VST plugins up to the 2.4 implementation.

Tailor the sound of your snare with the Sample Blender tool. Blend up to four audio samples to create a much fuller sounding snare drum.

DrumThrash comes with a high quality sampled drum kit.

Program Features
- Multi-sampled drum kit included
- VST plugin support
- VU display meter for mater mixer
- Change time signatures for any measure
- Random velocity for each hit
- Adjust velocity and pan for each hit
- Quantize/humanize patterns
- swap samples on the fly
- Automatic choking
- Reused and rearranged patterns in a song list
- Customize drum kits
- create swing beats
- Add tempo changes at any division
- Adjust hit length
- Sample blender tool.
- Playback in high quality 32bit
- Auto backup and recovery
- Full undo/redo support
- Import midi files
- Export to midi file
- Export to Wav, Mp3 or Ogg Vorbis


New Option to create tuplets.
New Option to set custom divisions.
New Draw tool.
Lot's more features added in this version.

DrumThrashMore Information

Free to try
File Size
137.96 MB
Operating Systems
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
System Requirements
Windows 7 or above, .net framework 4.0

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